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Fat Ash Cigar Lounge



Blessed be this wonderful lounge in the bosom of America’s heartland, Ashland, Kentucky. If you need a smoky treat while driving down Interstate 64 at the junction of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, I have just the place! Beautiful souls and owners, Dwight and Shannon Adkins caught up with me and we discussed the incredibly unique establishment that is Fat Ash as well as the jewel that is Boyd County, Kentucky and all it has to offer.

If you are a nature enthusiast, this region of the country is the place for you! With plenty of great hiking and biking as well as lakes and rivers for one’s fill of kayaking, fishing and reconnecting with Mother Earth, Boyd County is an outdoor paradise. A great day could begin with an excursion into the forest, then a walk around charming downtown Ashland, and then a wrap-up to the day at Fat Ash. Fat Ash, partially named after the town, is the only cigar lounge in a 100 mile radius. So this truly is the only game in town. Food can be ordered from Red’s Place with American fare grub, Smokin’ Jay’s BBQ, as well as Callahan’s Irish Pub, where, get this, you can smoke a cigar inside at the bar while you are waiting to pick up your food! Yes, you heard right! I struggle believing that myself. But I love it!

A lounge that is a mere 2 1⁄2 years old, Fat Ash has a legendary clientele who have unwavering support for their favorite smoke spot. When an event happens here, the place is packed! All the great master blenders and others in the industry have a push pin in Ashland because of FA. A true cigar spot, there is no alcohol sold here, partially…ok mostly, due to local laws. Delicious coffee and a variety of sodas are sold here including a local delicacy, Ale-8. Ale-8 is a Kentucky soda that is much like a ginger ale with a heavy dose of caffeine to give you a kick in the pants and a fresh palate for your next cigar choice.

There is a club membership here that includes a locker. The club membership entitles the patron to chill in the member’s lounge, of which people who are in the club and not flow freely back and forth. Kentucky hospitality is the main player here and elitism is frowned upon. Club fees are $600 a year, but that entitles the patron to a $250 gift card that can be used in the store. Once a club member and locker owner, you are entitled to the same 10% discount on bundles and boxes. However, when you purchase a bundle or a box, you are given a poker chip. When you collect 5 poker chips you are granted a free bundle or box of your choice! Truly a great deal.

There are a plethora of events that happen at Fat Ash! Live music and karaoke happen on weekends. The range in music can be from country to blues to rock. Make sure you make plans to come early as the house is usually packed. Also, there is a cigar bible study every other Saturday morning, something that I have never heard of before, but absolutely love the idea! The palate, the soul and the mind can all get their nourishment at the same time!

Something that is also really unique about this lounge is clientele themselves. With about a 50/50 split of ladies and gentlemen that frequent Fat Ash, the local patrons are the real story here. This article is being written during the coronavirus pandemic, so Fat Ash, as well as so many other businesses have only curbside service. Although no one is coming in to enjoy the lounge right now, they are still doing the same amount of business due to the loyalty of their customers. That speaks loudly to the wonderful environment that Dwight and Shannon have put together and I, for one, am very impressed! So if you find yourself in the heart of the Appalachians and want to enjoy some great camaraderie and a nice smoke, pay Dwight, Shannon and Fat Ash a visit and enjoy a lounge that is the confluence of great tobacco, great people and Americana.

Food available: No
Alcohol available:No
Cigars available: Yes
Seating capacity inside: 36
Seating capacity outside: 30


8110 US Rt. 60
Ashland, Kentucky 41102 USA

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