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Dapper Gent of the Week: Nasiyr “Nas” Bey

by Red Lips and Cigar Sticks

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Today’s dapper gentleman (Dapper Gent) of the week is Nasiyr “Nas” Bey out of Charlotte, NC.

Nas is the owner of Aroma Cigar Lounge, located at 9007 Monroe Rd., Charlotte, NC. Aroma Cigar Lounge is one of my favorite cigar lounges and I’m often seen in several pictures on my social media pages and other pages, including, Aroma’s on the dance floor getting my boogie on! Those Friday nights, when the live music and DJ, is in full swing, having a good time at Aroma!

This lounge is definitely the place, where everyone knows your name, it is home for me and a very relaxing atmosphere!

One thing that Nas loves about being a cigar lounge owner is having the ability to carter to the members of his lounge, who he considers and treats them, as a family!  He also loves all the different and unique experiences that he encounters from everyone, patronizing his establishment.

Nas has been an avid cigar smoker for 15 years and being a business owner, he has a vast amount of experience as it relates to cigars. He noted that:

I can be the first to tell you, the lounge is a unique vibe, you must experience it, to understand what I mean. I am a genuine person and I like when people are genuine and understand, no matter your walk of life, we have one common love, and that is, the cigar, the love for the leaf!

As a child, Nas always liked the smell of cigars. His uncle, who he used to live with while attending junior high, would go to the basement of the house, to smoke his cigars and pipes. This intrigued Nas, as his uncle would play instruments, and/or listen to jazz music. This caught Nas’s interest! It was a bonding time between Nas and his uncle, as he observed him very attentively smoke his cigars. So much so, that it motivated Nas to become a tobacco seller, as a teenager, and currently to this day, as a cigar lounge owner.

Being a cigar lounge owner, you’re always exposed to trying and smoking so many different cigars, to become knowledgeable about the different blends, what’s new in the market, and how to best guide and direct your novice or veteran smokers on different recommendations and suggestions.

I am always curious as to what does a cigar lounge owner, prefer to smoke. And, I was pleasantly thrilled to hear when Nas responded:

I enjoy Cuban Cigars! I love PARTAGAS 4 & 5, H.upmann! I can go on and on. I enjoy a good Liga T52 or 9, by Drew Estate. And, at times, I will have a Mad Mofo, by Caldwell. I really love the flavor profile and uniqueness of Pardon Cigars. I profoundly move around being that I must order cigars for my location, so I smoke all types of cigars.

Aroma Cigar Lounge is a fully stocked lounge/bar, which is a great benefit, to the lounge and atmosphere, by having the option to purchase your cigars from the humidor, as well as order your favorite libation from the bar, is a real treat!  When Nas is not working, which he emphasized that he is a light drinker, but he often likes to pair his cigars with a glass of Louie 13 or 14, Remy XO, or Double Oak Woodford. Overall, he says that it really depends on the cigar, he believes that it is best to let the cigar profile direct him on what to choose.

Nas is originally from New York, which is synonymous with Fashion. When asked what does fashion means to him? And, how would he describe his style? Nas said:

Being from NYC, I have been in fashion since elementary school, LOL. No Lie! Seriously, I have a nice fashion sense! I grew up wearing a lot of high-end brands, and in NYC, we mix and match brands, so you might see me in Polo P wings, Polo fire truck with Versace pants, and Prada sneakers, along with Gold Fred frames or Milano Italian frames, or Fendi monsters and a sweatsuit with a NY fitted hat.

At the lounge, you can definitely catch Nas rocking his Louboutin sneakers, which is his normal day-to-day look while working at the lounge.


You can learn more about this Dapper Gent on Instagram: @hd90z1

Owner of: Aroma Cigars Etc. Lounge: @aroma_cigars_etc_

Featured Image/All Images are courtesy of Nasiyr “Nas” Bey/@hd90z1

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