Cigar Review: Guest cigar blogger.

Cigar news: Not familiar with this smoke but I do enjoy a well made Lancero. They are so cool looking.

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Gotta love a Lancero!

I don’t know why, but the Lancero really has appeal. This is another cigar from Drew Estate who rarely disappoint.

The fresh scent is simply barnyard; the wrapper is nice and smooth apart from a wonky cap, but nothing to worry about it won’t be there for long. There are two simple but stated bands – ‘Limited Edition’ referring to the fact that it was only available during events as a promotional cigar.

When lighting up pepper is all I can taste until nearly the second third. From there on it settles and leather, oak and hay show with a little sweetness for the finish.

From now on the flavours stay pretty much constant with a large pepper presence. There are slight fluctuations between sweetness and earthiness. The strength just makes it to medium with a considerable increase in smoke output for the last third.

Overall pretty boring, rarely disappoints doesn’t mean never disappoints.

50 Minutes

$37 AUD

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