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The Trick Your Grandma Used to Stop Potatoes from Sprouting

Have you ever bought too many potatoes at once and are now in a panic to use them all before they start sprouting? Try this easy trick to make them last longer!

a close up of food: Easy, But Very Effective © Provided by Gourmandize Easy, But Very Effective

Easy, But Very Effective

If you don’t have a basement or a cool place to store your potatoes, they can sprout faster than you realize due to moisture and heat. For them, these are the perfect conditions to reproduce and start growing!

The clever trick that you need to know, and your ancestors before you probably used time and time again, is… an apple.

Put the potatoes in a wooden box and place an apple right in the center. You can even put two, depending on how many potatoes you need to store and keep fresh.

a bowl of oranges on a table: Why an apple? © Provided by Gourmandize Why an apple?

Why an apple?

Apples release ethylene, a natural gas that stagnates the growth of sprouts. It won’t stop it forever, but it will give you just the time you need to find uses for all the extra potatoes you have. On the other hand, keep your potatoes away from onions, which can actually speed up the sprouting process.

a banana sitting on top of a white plate: Can you eat sprouted potatoes? © Provided by Gourmandize Can you eat sprouted potatoes?

Can you eat sprouted potatoes?

If your potatoes begin to show signs of sprouting, you can still eat them if their flesh remains firm and isn’t wrinkled or shriveled. Simply peel the potatoes or cut off the sprouts and any potential soft spots. If the potatoes are really wrinkled or shriveled, it’s probably better to toss them because they won’t have much flavor or nutrients.

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