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Cigars and Country Music


When thinking about pairing music and cigars, images of smoky jazz bars typically comes to mind. These days the segment of the music industry that is truly smokin’ is country music. Cigars have frequently popped up in country music songs going back to the days of Johnny Cash singing about fancy folks smoking big cigars in Folsom Prison Blues. Many of today’s artists have fully embraced the cigar smoking lifestyle. Often cigars are celebrated in their lyrics or as an important instrument on tour.

Brad Paisley and Cuban Cigars

Country music star Brad Paisley has been one of the hottest acts in country music for more than 20 years and has had almost as many number one songs on the charts. He is also a dyed in the wool cigar fan. He is quoted as saying, “Cigarettes are a habit; cigars are an event.” It has become a tradition for him and members of the band to finish a show, and then sneak out to one of the upper sections of seats and light cigars and watch the roadies tear down the sets.

The Cigar Song

Sometimes art imitates life. Brad Paisley wrote “The Cigar Song”, which has become a crowd favorite. The song itself is based upon an urban legend of a rich lawyer who bought a box of Cuban cigars, and had them insured against fire. When he finally smoked the last one, he filed a claim that they were lost in 24 “little fires”. The insurance company eventually paid the claim, but he was arrested the following week on 24 counts of arson. The first line of the song speaks volumes; “Well I’m a sucker for fine Cuban cigars.” Brad’s first cigar was a Cuban Montecristo while on tour in Canada. His favorite smokes are Montecristo Number 2 and Punch Grand Cru.

Old Dominion Smokes on Tour

Rising country music stars Old Dominion are also post show cigar fans. Which is fitting given they all met in Virginia, a state known for its rich tobacco heritage. The 2018 CMA Vocal Group of the Year Award Winners look forward to a cigar at the end of shows as a celebration. For them it’s a true victory cigar, as they are still trying to get accustomed to their newfound success. They have come a long way from the Swisher Sweets many of the band members initially smoked, now favoring Padron 1964 Anniversary Series, and My Father’s Cigars while on the road. More eclectic lines like Crowned Heads and Herrera Esteli, are enjoyed as well, which is fitting given their sometime eclectic musical style.

Luke Bryan is a Sure Thing

Some country music stars take their love of cigars to the next level. Why have a humidor when you can own an entire lounge? That’s what country music and American Idol star Luke Bryan did. As the co-owner of Shore Thing Cigars in Florida, Luke combined some of his favorite loves; great beers, a comfortable room for friends, and his favorite cigars. Luke even personally selected the tobacco blend that went into his own line of cigars made by Davidoff.  If you ask Brad Paisley, Old Dominion, or Luke Bryan how they enjoy their cigars, they would all answer with the last line from “The Cigar Song”; “Yeah, I smoke ‘em one by one!”

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