Lighter Review: Blow me away mates/Bazooka Torch

Lighter review: For those who enjoy a cigar or a pipe , the usual rule is to have several lighters in your possession. At last count I have at least 10 of various quality, size and design.  



Bazooka Torch


Solid design
Adjusted Flame
Example of even burn  of cigar

I do not use throw away disposable products as they are basically poorly made and do not work to my satisfaction.

I received a gratis lighter from Groovy Guy Gifts, an interesting company which distributes items that appeal to male clientele. Check out their entire line at

As always how and where I receive an item does not impact my subjective judgment. Please try the product  yourself if you are interested in purchasing.

Lighter Review: Bazooka Torch 

This is a lighter for heavy hitters. First off , it is a table lighter not a carry in your pocket item. Solid construction, attractive in appearance and easy to add fluid and operate.

It comes packaged in an attractive box with a detailed instruction on how to use.

The printed instructions sheet is on the small print size so you might need to wear your reading glasses to ascertain.

The Test: I used the Bazooka Torch  to light a LaGloria Cubana Spanish Press Robusto cigar.

Here were my steps to get the lighter ready for my test and use.

1. Follow the directions on the handout. Bleed the valve first before you fuel up.

2. Use  high quality butane and make sure the can nozzle fits  the valve. Many butane cans have adapters for different lighters. Let the lighter sit for several minutes before you engage use.

3.  After a few minutes of quiet time, I made several adjustments to find the right setting for the cigar.  I suggest trying the lowest setting first. The flame is quite powerful so be very careful to adjust according.  It would be very easy to burn the cigar and destroy it .

4. The flame was steady, direct with no flareups. It made the lighting of the cigar very easy with a even burn.

5. The Bazooka Torch is for table and multiple use. You are not going to be carrying this around in your pocket.

6. It would make a fine gift or for your own needs.

One suggestion for the manufacturer. A visible fuel line would help to see how much fuel you have in the torch.

I plan to eventually test it out lighting a pipe. It looks and feels sturdy so I think you will get many years of use out of it.

If you need a heavy duty lighter , with a good price point, this is your baby.

Keep smoking

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