Lifestyle: Product review coming up for all

Lifestyle: You might want this. Review to come. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar review: Hoyo me

Cigar review: I have been under pressure from some followers to write a new review.  I received an email from one cigar dude who asked

Cigar Review: Hidden among the giants

Cigar Review: Everyone it seems has their own cigar blend. We all know about the powerful cigar companies who control the market with large advertising budgets,

Cigar Review: David Ehlich Tremont

Cigar review: Small batch cigars are often limited due to distribution or tight productions. There are brands that cater only to local population areas or

Cigar Review: Spirit in the Skyline

Cigar Review:  Fallen Angel by AJ Fernandez This smoke was part of a very reasonable price sampler pack from Cigar International. Fallen Angel, ( get

True to their word, Xikar products

Cigar talk, cigar commentary , product review I previously commented on the design flaw concerning Xikar’s Stratosphere 1 lighter. I enjoyed the operation of  the lighter as