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Cimarron comes with Dominican Exclusive cigar

by Ministry of Cigars

Cimarron comes with Dominican Exclusive cigar. Tabacalera El Artista is making a soft box-pressed version of the Cimarron cigars exclusively for the Dominican Republic. The Cimarron SBP as its called comes in a 6×50 Toro size and is made for local distributor Belmare SRL. Belmare distributes cigars to cigar lounges, bars, and restaurants all across the Dominican Republic.

“When El Artista pitched me the idea of a Dominican Republic Exclusive I was very excited, most of the popular brands in our markets are blended and promoted for bigger markets like North America, Dominican Cigar Smoker Community loves when factories create products especially for them”, says Jose Manuel Victoria, President of Belmare SRL.


The blend is the same as the original Cimarron. Filler tobaccos come from Colombia and the Dominican Republic. The binder is Dominican Negrito, grown by Tabacalera El Artista. Negrito is an old tobacco variety that used to be very popular in the mid-1900s. Due to the low yield, the tobacco fell out of favor. Radhames “Ram” Rodriguez of Tabacalera El Artista brought the variety back as it was the favorite tobacco of his grandfather. The wrapper is from Mexico. A Maduro leaf from San Andres.

Rodriguez said in a press release that “Cimarron is our top-selling brand in the Dominican Republic, and is one of the most popular brands in many of the cigars shops on the island; the new addition to the brand is likely to be a hit in the market. Cimarron SBP is a Dominican Republic Exclusive product, made on the island for the island, especially for the growing cigar smoker community”.

Ministry of Cigars - Cimarron comes with Dominican Exclusive cigar

The Cimarron SBP is packed in five-count soft packs or in boxes of 20 cigars. The cigars are available effective immediately as the distribution has already started. The price is RD$300, which is approximately €4,30.

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