Lifestyle: My Shingles shot

Lifestyle: For those lucky souls who are over 50 years of age, it is highly suggested to  vaccinated with the Shingles shot. Actually it is a series of two shots, taken 2 -6 months apart as to provide strong protection against Shingles.

If you know anyone who has ever gotten Shingles, it is something you never want. The long term nerve pain is extremely severe and debilitating.

My mom had it and several other friends have had it and it was described as constant sharp, painful needles that never stopped. Yikes.

I did receive the first shot several years ago but never received the second as there was a massive shortage of the second dose.

I recently had my annual physical and my doctor advised me to get the shots again as soon as possible.

The arrangements were made at a local pharmacy  but what I remembered the shot was unpleasant with side effects. For me the side effects was extreme soreness to the shot site. Not fun but better than getting Shingles.

What I did this time is take 2 Advil when I got home and so far the discomfort is minimal. I am going to take it easy today , so hoping the next day or two will be manageable as there is a pretty extensive side effect list.

Either way, Shingles is not on my wish list and neither it should be for you.

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