Lifestyle: Events on November 22, 1963


I was in art class , PS 82 ,  the Bronx when we heard that President Kennedy was shot. Mr. Tulmack , the art teacher delivered the news to us. There was a moment of silence and then some of my classmates , nervously laughed.  We were stunned and did not really know how to react.

Mr. Tulmack left the class to gather more information and came back shortly and said it was only a rumor. The class still did not know how to react , to accept this new information or wait for additional news.

A few minutes later, the principal made an announcement on the loudspeaker and confirmed that President Kennedy was indeed shot but was still alive. He dismissed the school and told us to go home.

As we left the school, the fear was clearly evident. Many kids thought this was the beginnning of WW 111 and the Russians were going to attack. Most of us , had no opinion but just wanted to get home.

As I got home my mother was home watching the news on the television. She had Channel 11 in New York on and Jack McCathy was stating  President Kennedy was shot and died in Dallas Texas.

The world changed for all of us.

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