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New: Calibre Geneve Cigars
Dear Aficionado,

Happy New Year 2023!

Today we would like to present you the new Calibre Geneve Cigars.

Calibre of Geneve cigars are a super-premium line made to the highest standards, every detail from the blend to boxes are careful thought out, with the unrelenting focus on quality like the great watches of Geneve, where this magical cigar gets its inspiration from. The cigars are produced in Santigao, in the Dominican Republic using on the highest-quality tobaccos that are hand-selected and sorted allowing for only 10% of the tobacco to be used for this exquisite cigar. These Cubanesque cigars are each individual blended based on each of the sizes to produce a rich and well-balanced flavor profile in each of the sizes, which represents the famed Cuban Cohiba Behike brand.

The tobaccos that make up our Caliber cigars come from production areas that had the best quality of tobacco during the harvest. The leaves thus harvested are dried, then fermented in several stages by the master blender. The noble tobacco leaves are then stored under specific conditions conducive to aging. It is only after this long process that the cigars are rolled and once again aged for 8 long months. Calibre cigars are recognized by the most prestigious customers around the world who appreciate their sweetness and unique aromatic complexity.

Calibre Geneve 52

The cigar has a size of 52 cepo x 119 mm.

Calibre Geneve 52: 15,00€
Calibre Geneve 52 /10: 150,00€

Calibre Geneve 54

The cigar has a size of 54 cepo x 144 mm.

Calibre Geneve 54: 19,00€
Calibre Geneve 54 /10: 190,00€

Calibre Geneve 56

The cigar has a size of 56 cepo x 166 mm.

Calibre Geneve 56: 23,00€
Calibre Geneve 56 /10: 230,00€
ALL orders will be shipped from end of next week.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Kind regards,

Dominique & Mitchell
La Casa del Habano Knokke
La Casa del Tabaco Kortrijk – Knokke – Hasselt – Ukkel- Antwerp- Ghent

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