Cigar news you can use: How to do it with class

Cigar etiquette involves several important practices:

  1. Cutting the cigar: Use a guillotine cutter or punch to remove the cap cleanly without crushing the cigar.
  2. Lighting the cigar: Use a wooden match or butane lighter to avoid any undesirable flavors. Rotate the cigar while lighting to achieve an even burn.
  3. Smoking: Puff gently to keep the cigar lit, and avoid inhaling the smoke. Take your time, and let the cigar rest between puffs.
  4. Ashing: Allow the ash to form naturally and tap it gently into the ashtray, avoiding messy flakes.
  5. Holding the cigar: Hold the cigar between your index finger and thumb, without clenching or pointing it at others.
  6. Conversation: Avoid talking with the cigar in your mouth, as it may be difficult for others to understand you.
  7. Avoiding odors: Be considerate of others, as cigar smoke can be strong and offensive to some. Smoke in designated areas or well-ventilated spaces.
  8. Relighting: If the cigar goes out, gently blow on the ember to remove any ash before relighting.
  9. Sharing: Offer cigars to others, but don’t be offended if they decline.

Remember, cigar smoking is a leisurely and contemplative activity, so take your time and enjoy the experience.

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