Cigar event/news: Almost the most important cigar announcement of 2018

Cigar event/news: The moment some of you have been waiting for. It’s time for the favorite cigars of 2018. The list of cigars have all

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Cigar events: Fall is not the same in Los Angeles

Cigar events: Walking around Santa Monica and Los Angeles Thanksgiving day. I needed to wear a hat, the rest of the country was freezing their

Cigar events: East coast favorite

Cigar events: Santa Monica fall day, with the David P. Erlich, Tremont robusto. If they are available in the LA area, let me know. Very

Cigar events: Running through Nashville

Cigar events:  Here is a taste of Nashville for a first time visiter. Lots of fun things to do in Music Town.  More images to

Cigar news: Been a long, long time

Cigar news:  Actually been out-of-town for about a week which put a crimp in the world. Smoked one cigar which was this past Saturday

Cigar events: off the beaten path

Cigar events: One of my cigar cronies had an unexpected medical event last week which fortunately will be able to recover from. However, to make

Cigar events: upward and onward

Cigar events: plan on it. Keep smoking

Cigar events: too pretty for the moment

Cigar events: One is the first number. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Be a pal,La Palina classic

Cigar events: No hurricanes coming this way. Keep smoking

Cigar events : Jazzy vibe

Cigar events: Feeling the groove. Keep smoking

Cigar events: almost lost in the ozone

Cigar events: I need to learn how to pronounce

Cigar events: Los Angeles magic

Cigar events: Almost trying my best. Keep smoking

Cigar events: The highway to cigars

Cigar events: Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge and Partegas cigars Keep smoking

Cigar events: Pal of La Palina

Cigar events: A standby favorite cigar that always delivers,  La Palina Classic. Keep smoking

Cigar events: keep the spirit going

Cigar events: The future is always here. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Labor of love

Cigar events: No work , all play. Keep smoking

Cigar events: new to me

Cigar events: Try it , you’ll like it. A cigar I never have tried before. It was powerful and stronger than I thought it would

Cigar events: keeping Friday’s in your thoughts

Cigar events: We approve. Keep smoking

Cigar events: a gap in time

Cigar events: no video for several days. The fans of demanded one, so here it is. Keep smoking

Cigar event: Mandi’s choice

Cigar event: What did she choose? Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: As reported by Cigar Journal: Smoking as only the French can do

Cigar news: A place to be this summer for cigars and the sights in Paris Keep smoking   CIGAR TRUCK TENDING TO PARISIAN PASSIONADOS AT

Cigar events: the Havana in me

Cigar events: A look of the Islands Keep smoking

Cigar events: Partegas power

cigar events: Your day goes better with a cigar. Keep smoking

Cigar events: all right already

Cigar events: I like it like that. Keep smoking

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