Lifestyle: The end of a era on Wilshire Blvd.


I have been coming to this Barber Shop on Wilshire Blvd. for years.  I go in, get my beard trimmed, pay cash and a tip. 

There is a backstory to this place which I could only imagine what it is. 

The two barbers are Russian, speak English but not exactly chatty.

It is no nonsense, as they get the job done and I leave. The whole transaction takes about 10 minutes.

There are the several men who frequent the shop, sit down, talk to the two barbers but always in Russian. I have never seen them get a haircut, or a shave. 

The landlord decided to renovate the shop and the other stores in the block so the stores have already closed or about to shut down.

Fortunately the shop will reopen next month in a new location not too far from the present.

I will still go there, get my beard trimmed so nothing really  will change.

The store has been there 30 years.

Another slice of Los Angeles disappears.  Not sure if this is progress, or just the way things are.

I do know Barber Shops are fading out. There are countless salons, hair stylists but this time capsule will soon be gone.

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