Cigar news you can use. Press release: Casa Cuevas Cigars, limited release

Cigar news: Grab a box while you can. Keep smoking   Date: June 19, 2019                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Liza M Santana/Gabriel Pineres 305.968.2384

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Cigar news: Take a look at these beauties

Cigar news: Don’t be jealous of my new stash. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Follow up on the Mark Twain Cigar

Cigar news: I had a close friend who was a Pulitzer Prize author who was considered one of the definitive authorities on Mark Twain. His

Cigar news you can use: C’est Dommage, Fromage

Cigar news: No reason to go to Paris now. Keep smoking Smoking ban for parks in Paris   Smoking will be banned in 52 Parisian

Cigar Events: Bigger and better?

Cigar Events: Smoking by the pound. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another shit box car in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: Cars in disarray. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: You gotta like it.

Cigar news: How cigars bring all walks of life together. Keep smoking Enforcers biker club honchos open Smokey’s Cigar Bar on Daytona’s Main Street By

Cigar Events: Totally in style

Cigar events: Putting it in prospective. Keep Smoking

Cigar News you can use: Change is good

Cigar news: Scandinavian Tobacco Group N.A. press release Keep smoking Changes in Management of Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s North America Branded Business Division

Cigar events: She leads,I listen

Cigar events: Mandi as always knows best. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Older and better

Cigar news: Not limited in taste. New cigar from H. Uppmann and A.J. Fernandez FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : CELEBRATING AN ICONIC BRAND: H. UPMANN 175th

Cigar news you can use: Ventura cigars and Ernesto Perez- Carrillo join forces

Cigar news: You cannot top this. Keep smoking   Archetype Chapter 3: The Legend Continues Two new blends set to debut at ipcpr 2019. June

Cigar news you can use: Changing stripes

Cigar news you can use: The name game Keep smoking White Hat Changes Its Name to La Familia Robaina   White Hat is undergoing numerous

Cigar news you can use: H Uppmann in tandem with Jose Mendez


Lifestyle: The heat is on in Los Angeles

Lifestyle: 30 minutes and 30 miles makes a big difference. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Press Release from Southern Draw Cigars

Cigar news: It’s happening baby. Keep smoking Southern Draw Cigars expands the CEDRUS line. National launch date announced. The award winning CEDRUS – THE HOGAN,

Cigar news you can use: Altadis press release, new stick on the block

Cigar news: It’s coming soon. Keep smoking Altadis U.S.A. Announces H. Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez Altadis U.S.A. will have a new addition to its

Cigar events: Hot time in the city

Cigar events: Keeping occupied in a good way. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: I got the Baseball Blues

Lifestyle: Baseball Lament or a 3 and 2 count, bases empty   Baseball is my go to sport. My first real remembrance of enjoying the

Cigar events: Texas two step

Cigar events: Proud to be an Ambassador for Micallef cigars . Number 1863 Keep Smoking

Cigar events: The total picture

Cigar events: Strength, power and good looks. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Not in the name of politics

Cigar events; Not every thing is a zero sum game. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Tom Bernstein continues to report

Lifestyle: Our intrepid scribe , Tom Bernstein continues to  report on his life and times in the radio and TV business. Keep smoking   Hawaiian

Cigar news you can use: Beverly Hills,the iron heel for tobacco

Cigar news you can use: A city for rich people makes a bold statement which impacts working class people. Keep smoking Beverly Hills Officially Becomes

Cigar events: Not meat

Cigar Events: Looks like meat but the cigar creates the illusion it is. Keep Smoking

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