Cigar news you can use: Judge this

Cigar news : As reported by C.A. Magazine. Keep smoking Cigar Industry Argues For Relief From Key Product Approval Deadline Mar 18, 2020 | By Andrew Nagy Share

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Lifestyle: The reality of the world hits home

      Lifestyle:  So all of us need to reassess our life as the Corona virus impacts just about everything we do. I was

Cigar news you can use: The corona virus hits even the cigar industry

Cigar news:  As reported by C.A. magazine, cigar factories have been impacted by the Corona virus outbreak. Hope you have  your cigar stash. Keep smoking

Cigar events: The ghost of St. Patrick’s day

Cigar events: From the past, the world has changed , but St. Patrick’s day has not.   Keep smoking

Cigar events: Stay the course

Cigar events: Wash your hands, smoke cigars Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: New cigar kid on the block

Cigar news: Adding another cigar to the cigar world. Keep smoking JRE TOBACCO CO. ADDED GRANDES TO RANCHO LUNA JRE Tobacco Co. launched two big

Cigar news you can use: AB sends out a new smoke

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Announce Black Market EstelÍ Diamond Cigar news: Here is the latest from the minds of Alec Bradley Cigar Company. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Reaching up in the cigar world

Cigar news: Promotion in the Fuente chain of command. Keep smoking Arturo Fuente Names José Blanco as Director of Sales, Eastern Hemisphere Industry veteran José

Cigar Events: Keeping calm during the turmoil

Cigar Events: San Lotano helping out. Keep Smoking  

Cigar events: Old time feeling

Cigar events: Love the feel of this, old retro look. Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: early st.pat’s day

Cigar Events: Green is good Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Don’t mess with this dude

Cigar news you can use: Bad cigar perhaps? Keep smoking   UPDATE: Cigar Lounge Manager Arrested After Trying to Have Cigar Store Owner Murdered March

Cigar news you can use: Cigars and Rum, great combo


Cigar events: Isabela Cigars, down the road

Cigar events: Just mailed the 3 pack contest winner his stash. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Villiger Cigars hits deep/Press Release

Cigar news: New team mates hitting a  home run. Keep smoking Villiger Taps E.P. Carrillo for TAA Exclusive 2020 For the first time ever, Villiger

Cigar news: Handy guide

Cigar news: A tool for learning about cigar flavor from Cigar Inspector Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Steady wins the race

Cigar Events : Red Cigar, blue state Keep Smoking

Cigar review: The Punch Show, Knuckle Buster

Cigar review:  But first , a tribute to Joe Coulombe and Trader Joes.   Right before I headed to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge to

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Happy connection from Word Press. Keep smoking  

Cigar news : New cigar out of the gate

Cigar news: Spent the afternoon at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in Los Angeles reviewing the newest creation from Punch Cigars. The Knuckle Buster review

Cigar events: Last call for fun

Cigar events: You still have time to enter the Isabela Cigar Giveaway for a 3 pack of their fine products. Send in your answer to

Cigar Events; weekend desire

Cigar Events: Some things in life are always good. This is one of them. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Don’t lose out

Last call for the giveaway. 3 Isabela cigars are all ready to be smoked by you. Check out last Saturday’s site. Cigar news: Couple

Cigar news you can use: Press Release/ Punch Knuckle Buster

Cigar news : New to the world. Push Cigars are going to the mats once more with a new cigar collection called the Knuckle Buster

Cigar news you can use: The melding of many tastes

Cigar news: A great, concise piece of how to work different scotch flavors in your cigar tasting. Keep smoking How to Pair Cigars and Scotch

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