Cigar review: Punch Rare Corojo

Cigar reviews:  I have always admired the unique shape of the Punch Champion. It’s ugly but in a handsome way. What that means is anyone’s

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Cigar review: La Palina Illumination , shine on

Cigar review: I have tasted  and reviewed several La Palina cigars during the past year. Generally I like their products as the company has taken a

Cigar review: La Palina Bronze TAA Exclusive

Cigar review: La Palina Bronze TAA Exclusive         I try to write at least one cigar review a week and was deciding

Cigar review: Is red my favorite color?

Cigar review: Macanudo Inspirado Red               General Cigar decided we did not have enough Macanudo choices on the market

Cigar Reviews: In case you are wondering?

Cigar Reviews:  It’s been several weeks since I posted a new cigar review.  I have three smokes with notes waiting to be written. My goal