Cigar Reviews: Buy a batch

Cigar Reviews: Wanted to present this list again as several more followers requested what cigars were well positioned in 2017 My 2017 favorite blends have

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Cigar Events:

Cigar Events: Today was able to hobble to my backyard, hang with friend and smoke an AVO Ritmo, toro. This made my 2017 hit list.

Cigar Review: Hidden among the giants

Cigar Review: Everyone it seems has their own cigar blend. We all know about the powerful cigar companies who control the market with large advertising budgets,

Cigar News you can use: Favorite Cigars of 2017, my hit list

Cigar News: Doing a list of your favorite things is a fun task. My cigar faves are a blend of mostly medium to full body smokes

Cigar events/commentary

Cigar events: Cigar commentary. This is the time of the year where every blogger, commentator, magazine, and radio show bring out their best cigar  of