Cigar News you can use: Favorite Cigars of 2017, my hit list

Cigar News: Doing a list of your favorite things is a fun task. My cigar faves are a blend of mostly medium to full body smokes with one cigar having a lighter appeal. I am not going to rehash the particulars of each review. If that interests you , please knock yourself out, they are all available on this site. Look them up under the heading, reviews on the  menu.


An additional point is the cigars listed are not in any order of good, better, best. The reviews are straightforward with my thoughts, ranking of each criteria and overall conclusion based on a  1 – 5 rating. 

The cigar that you smoke may taste different than my cigar for many reasons.  Time of day, where you smoke it, whether you are eating or drinking with that smoke. You may be in a mood for a lighter smoke or a heavy taste. Each cigar you or I smoke is always subjective in its appeal.

I am I believe , impartial in my view but that’s not to say it’s any better than your view. I appreciate  feedback you have regarding the  list.

If you have smoked them after my review, glad you did. If you have not, maybe now, you will give them a try. If the cigar was gifted to me, I mention it in the review.

I also would like to read your favorite smokes of 2017. If I like what you wrote, perhaps, I will try them from your recommendation.

Here we go.

David Erlich Tremont 

La Palina Maduro

Fallen Angel by AJ Fernandez

Perdomo Champagne Noir

Monte Cristo Pilotico/Pepe

Perdomo Habano Maduro

La Palina Connecticut 4 star Classic

Brick House Churchill

Avo Ritmo

Don Jorge

La Palina Lancero


I did not mention the size of the cigar as you might desire to try your favorite size first which may not correspond to my review.

Each smoke is generally available through the usual sources such as B and M’s , catalogue stores or webpages. 

Two brands made the hit list more than once. That is just the luck of the draw and the quality of the smoke.

Maduro cigars which are  not in my usual rotation made their presence felt this year.

Overall I also smoke Cubans but chose not to include those blends.  I might do a separate list of Cuban cigars at a later date.

Let’s have a great 2018 and get the FDA out of our collective humidor.

Keep smoking





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