Cigar question: Need your thoughts

Cigar question: What 5 cigars would you recommend to a novice cigar smoker and why? Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Cigar events: We have another winner of Isabela Cigars

Cigar events: Well folks , the 3 pack give a way of Isabela Cigars has found a home. Winner of contest number 3 is Diego

Cigar news: The shape of things to come

Cigar news: Pick a shape, share your smoke and try something new. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Adding to the community

Cigar events: Humidor multiplication . Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: If in Cinci, here is a place to hang your hat

Cigar news: Smoke and Bourbon, a wicked combo Keep smoking Jungle Jim’s adds bourbon bar and cigar tastings Sue Kiesewetter, Special to The Cincinnati Enquirer,

Lifestyle: Double Anniversary December 27, 2019

Lifestyle: A double event happened on this day , different years and both important in the long, strange trip of life. First the good one.

Cigar events: No compromise

Cigar events: if you are a cat, you know without telling anyone, Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Be careful where you put your cigars

Cigar events: At one time I had a fitness client who was very successful in his field. Without revealing what he did or what his

Cigar events: Joining my humidor family

Cigar events:  My  cigar stash was overwhelming  storage capacity so I needed an new addition. Just purchased this  Mantello Cigars humidor. I thought about getting

Lifestyle: Another Tommy Bernstein Epic/Surfing Master

Lifestyle: Tommy Bernstein has lead many lives and here is another epic tale to tell. Keep smoking SURFING U.S.A.  I started surfing when I was

Cigar review: Coming down the road

Cigar review: Finished the smoke, review will be forthcoming. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Your choice

Cigar events: All sizes welcome The Smoking

Cigar events: Another convert.

Cigar events: Now to smoke it. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: As reported by C.A.

Cigar news: Cigar temptation. Keep smoking A Humidor With Every Regional Cuban From 2005–2010 October 25, 2019 | By Gregory Mottola The cabinet humidor contains

Fire and Ice: An unexpected visit

Lifestyle: While Los Angeles burns we evacuated our abode like thousands of other folks. Our spy cams ( that is what they really are )

Cigar news you can use: A fun story to read

Beverly Hahs Local History Beverly Hahs is a native of Cape Girardeau County, a freelance writer, and graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a

Lifestyle: Not my kitty

Lifestyle: All cats are stunning Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Do not adjust your Television set

Lifestyle: Santa Monica on fire Keep Smoking

Cigars Events: Women invited

Cigar events: Equal opportunity Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: The real deal , Tommy Bernstein in the flesh

Lifestyle: Our radio sage and teller of tales , Tom Bernstein shows he is a man of many talents. Take a look at his acting

Cigar events: None for you

Cigar Events; Selfish thoughts. Keep Smoking

Cigar events : Havana hijinks

Cigar events: Trust no one. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: The face of Tom Bernstein

Lifestyle: So many requests about wanting to know what the radio man Tom Bernstein looks like. Digging through a deep well of photos , we

Cigar news you can use: Does cheap mean crap?

Cigar news: Your thoughts on “inexpensive ” smokes that you would partake without breaking the bank. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Cut with finesse

Cigar news: Don’t butcher your smoke Keep Smoking

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