Lifestyle: My new completed kitchen

Lifestyle: We decided on the minimal look for the kitchen. Keep smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: Another shit box car in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: Cars in disarray. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Shitbox cars

Lifestyle: Another shitbox car in Santa Monica, many in a series. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Coast of LA

Lifestyle: sun struck. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Youth shall be served

Lifestyle: Growing in leaps only. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Birds and new life

Lifestyle : The young shall inherit our world Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Pacific Palisades

Lifestyle: Evening in April Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Birds know a great deal

Cigar events/lifestyle: Keep all animals in your life. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: eating in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: SoCal living spring time. Keep Smoking

Cigar news : Villiger Cigars struts their product

Cigar news: I like getting cigars to review and the kind folks at Villiger Cigars sent me their latest gems. Review will be forthcoming with

Cigar events/lifestyle

Cigar events: Classic look for Los Angeles Keep smoking

Cigar events: This is the essence of cigars

Cigar events: Evening fare at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge Keep Smoking

Cigar events: A visit to the Shamlux Lounge, Granada Hills, Ca.

Cigar events/news: I have not been back to the Shamlux Cigar Lounge in Granada Hills, Ca. in several years. The locale is very close to

Cigar events/Lifestyle: A major award

Cigar events/Lifestyle: Merry Christmas from the west coast and my favorite Christmas movie,  A Christmas Story. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: The California incline cliffs of Santa Monica

Lifestyle: keeping the tourists happy. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: I don’t get it

Lifestyle/Events: Rain go away I truly do not understand why LA drivers do not get the basic understanding that it is important to moderate driving

Cigar events: The full pictures

Cigar events: The shape of the present. Keep smoking 9

Cigar review: Access the java

Cigar review: Focus review on Macanudo M. Stay tuned. Keep smoking

Cigar news: Been a long, long time

Cigar news:  Actually been out-of-town for about a week which put a crimp in the world. Smoked one cigar which was this past Saturday

Lifestyle: Bugs rule

Lifestyle:  If you like nature, here is a beauty. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Next time you are in Europe

Cigar news: I have not been to Germany in years but if I get a hankering for a LA Flor Dominicana cigar, here we go.

Cigar Lifestyle: Watch out for this

Cigar/Lifestyle: Watches do more than tell time. Watches and cigars are great conversation pieces. An attractive timepiece and a fine cigar reminds many of a

Cigar news you can use: sneak preview

Cigar news: new E.P. Carrillo blend soon to be released. Review coming . Keep smoking

Cigar events: Another tough day

Cigar events: You know the mantra. Rehab my knee and then Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Let’s do the Brazil for Villiger Cigars/Press Release

Date: May 17, 2018         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      Media Contact: Gabriel Pineres| Liza M Santana 786.541.7411 | 305.968.2384     VILLIGER CIGARS OPENS NEW

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