Music/Lifestyle: You need this, Grateful Dead flying on vibes.

Music/Lifestyle:  Sometimes the Dead just went through the motions. Not here. Keep smoking   Advertisements

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Music/Lifestyle: CSNY, Hippie life

Music/Lifestyle: The first two albums were great renditions of the Woodstock era. Neil Young added a piece to the Crosby, Stills and Nash arrangement that

Music/Lifestyle: Allman Brothers Jam

Music/Lifestyle: I am back in the 1970’s again and it feels great. Grateful Dead into the Brothers jam. Keep smoking      

Music/Lifestyle: Dead and Company

Music/Lifestyle: Was at this concert and it was  a good version of this ionic jam from the Dead. You got to love them for surviving

Music / Lifestyle: Brothers in Arms

Music/Lifestyle: I have recently read some blogs about the Allman Brothers and their experiences with the band. A memorable encounters for me for with the

Live with the Funk, Tower of Power

Music,  Events, Lifestyle I first saw this band in 1976 at Cortland State when I was in grad. school. The venue was a building called

Making Cigar Amends

Cigar review, cigar talk, La Palina Lancero As I said the other day, I regret that I was not able to attend the La Palina Cigar