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I have recently read some blogs about the Allman Brothers and their experiences with the band. A memorable encounters for me for with the Allman’s had little to do with their music. A group was organized to drive to Mansfield Massachusetts from Boston to see the boys at the Great Woods outdoor area. This venue has apparently changed ownership, with upgrades since 1997. Not even sure it still exists. At the time we was a good enough place to see an outdoor gig.

The drive itself should have taken about an hour but as traffic happens during rush hour, we barely made the start time of 730 pm. Our caravan of 3 cars parked as close as we could together given the late arrival. Many of our group were less than in stellar condition to pay attention to where the cars where parked, figuring we would worry about that after the show.

This particular concert featured Warren Haynes , an outstanding guitarist with great voice and chops. Greg was also in fine form which was not always the case. While I did not know everyone in our concert entourage. I recognized all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It was early September in New England and weather can be problematic. You just never know but in the heat of a hot Allman’s concert , we did not notice. The band played on, we danced on and eventually the gig ended. The troops gathered up , and proceeded slowly to the cars. As we made it to the parking lot, what became apparent was an overwhelming fog socked the lot and we had no idea where our vehicles were. The fog was so intense thousands of concert goers were equally dumbfounded trying to locate their cars. The parking lot did not have any design feature to indicate what row you were in. It had no markings, minimal lights and there also was no help. We tried to get our bearings with a haphazard approach in locating the cars. After 45 minutes of walking around thinking we knew where the cars were, it was clear that we were clueless .

Plan B then took hold. We would wait until cars left the lot and just hang out. Tired and hungry and grumpy, the concert goers one by one found their rides and eventually so did we. It was two plus hours of being lost in the ozone. The Brothers performed well in their gig and another successful concert in our belt.

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