Cigar Events: You better show up

Cigar Events: A splendid Time is guaranteed for all. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: Youth shall be served

Lifestyle: Growing in leaps only. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another cat just shows up at work

Lifestyle: This sweet kitty showed up at work recently and is very tame, pretty and hungry. It’s a male cat and I think looking for

Cat lifestyle: checking out the scene:

Lifestyle: our precious golf kitty taking in her domain Keep Smoking

Cigar Events: Golf fans

Cigar fans: Golf is an international sport with followers from all over the world. I also think certain animals especially our feathered friends enjoy it

Lifestyle/Fitness: A move for Golfers

Lifestyle: I wear more than one hat. Lifestyle/Fitness: Here is a great move for golfers, fitness folks and just about anyone who wants to increase

Lifestyle: We are also the Windy City

Lifestyle: 40-50 mph winds through the fall and winter. This is how we roll in Porter Valley. Keep Smoking  

Lifestyle: Stay away

Cigar Events: Scotch and Cigar Night

Cigar Events:   Here are some of sights of the successfull Scotch and Cigar Night hosted by Urban Fishing Pole Cigars, at Porter Valley Country

La Palina Cigar Event Tonight

Cigar Event: Featuring La Palina Cigars August 11, 630 pm – 9 pm , Porter Valley Country Club   The “new” Classics are made by

One more chance

Porter Valley Scotch and Cigar event, August 11, 2017

Scotch and Cigar Event

Cigar Event, Porter Valley Country Club Join us for an evening overlooking the first hole featuring scotch, cigars and great food.  Early reservations are best.