Lifestyle: Scarecrow

Lifestyle: Hip scarecrow. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: Smiling on a cloudy day

Cigar Events: Clearly not clear Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Christmas Eve , west coast

Pre holiday:

Lifestyle: Not my kitty

Lifestyle: All cats are stunning Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Do not adjust your Television set

Lifestyle: Santa Monica on fire Keep Smoking

Cigar events: one of the best cigars you probably never smoked

Cigar events: This is a cigar you need to smoke. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another shit box car in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: where do they come from? Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Sitting with Kurt Russell

Lifestyle: Kurt hanging in Santa Monica overlooking Malibu Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Role Model

Lifestyle: Serves no purpose. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: It’s always cool in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: Temperature drop of 25 degrees from the valley. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Deli Magic

Lifestyle: Delis are food heaven. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another shit box car, Santa Monica

Lifestyle: Cars are in the air Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: Another shit box car in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: Cars in disarray. Keep Smoking

Lifestyle: what ? No traffic?

Lifestyle: San Vincente Blvd. Santa Monica Keep Smoking

Lifestyle : B-ball junkies, bring your kids

Cigar events: Sunday with Mandi

Cigar events: She leads and I follow.  Keep smoking

Lifestyle: eating in Santa Monica

Lifestyle: SoCal living spring time. Keep Smoking

Cigar events: slumming in Santa Monica

Cigar events: the saint patties day trek. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Easy for some

Lifestyle: cool, no matter how you gaze at it. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: California dreamin’

Lifestyle: Santa Monica Sunset Keep Smoking

Cigar events: The Briney Deep

Cigar events: Be careful where you walk at night. Keep smoking

Cigar events/lifestyle

Cigar events: Classic look for Los Angeles Keep smoking

Lifestyle: The California incline cliffs of Santa Monica

Lifestyle: keeping the tourists happy. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Santa Monica morning

Lifestyle: shake and bake. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Santa Monica, home of the malcontent

Lifestyle: Nobody Fit’s In. Keep smoking

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