A half cigar review

Cigar Review

The cigar in question Bolivar Churchill  from the Dominican Republic was a dud.  There are no need to give you the particulars about the wrapper , construction  you know the drill.

Here are the scant details . I received this smoke from a friend and has been in my humidor for about 6 weeks. The humi I keep the smoke    was pretty steady at about 62-65 %. The initial appearance and construction showed some nice brown wrapper color but the construction had some hard spots which raised a red flag.

Flavor was decent with notes of nuts , almonds and somewhat mild. Right away the cigar started to fall apart. It was shredding at an alarming rate.  The cap was gone , the structure of the cigar  was compromised. After 20 minutes of so, my cigar was ready to be tossed.

Could I have mishandled this cigar? No, as I smoked another brand from the same humidor immediately after.

Would I try another of this blend? Need to think about that.


These are the three looks at this smoke. 

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