In Honor of my dad, May 6, 1907-1977

My father would have been 110 years old today. He was a cigar smoker partial to White Owls and several other machine made cigars. He also owned a small cigar, cigarette and newspaper stand back in the early sixties. The store  was in an office building at 114 Liberty Street in the Wall Street area of New York City.

A pack of cigarettes would set you back about 27-29 cents depending if it was regular or king size. Cigars varied in price but were sold in packs of 5.  What I remember , White Owl packs ran about 79 cents for a Toro size smoke.

When I was 14 he offered me a Philies tip to smoke with him at my sister’s and brother in laws apartment in New Milford New Jersey, a suburb of the city. Both my sister and brother in law were cigarette smokers who indulged in Marlboros and Kent cigarettes.

I was handed the cigar, told to light up and then puff away.  Somewhere I have a photo of that event and if I ever dig it up will post it.  I could go on about his very tough life, how he managed to make it out of Nazi Germany and came to the states in 1947. Thats another story. So here is the cigar I smoked today for this very special event.


Keep Smoking

Sancho Panza, Habano, Torpedo


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