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I am not sure how the Alexa rank is formulated. It is my understanding it’s based on a series of metrics that if explained to me, I still probably won’t get it.

What I am finding though, if I continue to add content on a daily basis , people seem to read it or at least be aware of it. The content does not have to be original material but needs to be interesting and diverse.

That is why I enter content in music, lifestyle and material that is not cigar related.  If readers would like me to pursue other areas , please let me know.  Sports are one topic which I barely have touched , yet do not want this to be a sports blog.  Content sometimes does not  fall in a defined area, more likely it has overlaps.  Cigar smokers tend to like alcohol but I am not well  versed in this, so will rarely put in the blog. Perhaps I can get get readers help with this.

If readers want to send me material to publish and I feel OK about it, I will gladly do so and give you credit.  I believe this will strengthen the overall blog and website.

My goal is also to make my page more of a commercial landmark for advertisers and consumers.   I just added Amazon as a sponsor which is a great pick. Diversity will broaden the pool of banners, links and other social platform advertisers.

Of course cigars are the motor and will always focus on this. 

Keep smoking

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