End of the Line?

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I get many cigar catalogs every month. They seem to come in bunches. There are also the emails that float in and out of my email box daily offering me the best deals on every cigar in the world.  Some are tempting but many are just ?

Close outs, liquidation, time to move on, so many phrases are used to move stock out of  the warehouse and into a cigar smoker’s humidor.  I wondered what is considered a close out, a liquidation special, or other descriptions that are used for cigars that don’t sell.  With that premise in mind, here are   the catalogues sale pitches in their own words.  I do not mention the dealers but if you are really curious , I guess you need to do your own homework.


Company  1.

Just like Frankie Valli’s song says ”Bye Bye Baby”, it’s time to say goodbye to some oldie but goodie cigars. We are constantly striving to bring our customers the newest and freshest selection of cigars and accessories. From time to time we have to move out our older products to make space in our warehouse. Our closeout section contains extremely limited items that will never come back again. It’s the last call for you to get the best savings at ridiculously low prices. All of those discontinued and overstocked cigars in our inventory are guaranteed to sell fast. When they are gone, they are gone for good! Take advantage of our closeout sale today!don’t sell.

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Company 2

With an ever-shifting selection of discounted cigars from all over the world, XXX Closeout Corner is the perfect place to look for your next set of smokes. You’ll discover a number of deliciously crisp handmade cigars by top manufacturers at unbelievably low rates – some up to half off the manufacturers suggested retail price! Tried and true, the Closeout Corner is every aficionado and beginner’s place for discount cigars online. There’s simply no alternative to the quality, selection or price. Of course, the quantities are limited, so you better act fast if you want to buy discount cigars from XXX expertly chosen collection.

Company 3

Cigars on sale… where? Right here, brother. Assembled below you are all of our discounted cigar samplers, cigar closeouts, overstocks, accessories, last chance options, buy one get one free offers, “super-mega lots”, packaging mistakes, blowouts — whatever word you can think of to describe scoring premium handmades for well, well below MSRP, it’s here. Our clearance sale is constantly updated with new and exciting offers, guaranteeing hundreds of options in stock whenever you’re in the mood to save BIG. And if you’re anything like me, I’m guess that’s all the time..

Company 4

Find the biggest steals and deals on clearance cigars. Overstocked. Undersold. Discounted. Discontinued. We’re always raiding our massive cigar warehouse for brands that need to go. We push them out the door for pennies on the dollar and pass the savings onto you. Shop often and stock your humidor at rock-bottom prices! We’re always adding new cigars to clearance.

Company 5


Plunge into the greatest cigar clearance sale section on the inter-webs right here, and choose from an ever-expanding selection of 200+ unique, high quality items at the biggest cigar discounts online anywhere. This is exactly the premium cigar clearance sale you’ve been looking for, but these particular cigar deals are first-come, first-served, and no back orders will be taken, so dig in now!


Overall interesting stuff  the boys in marketing are throwing at us.

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Keep smoking


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