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I got out of work a bit early yesterday which means I only put in 10 hours instead of 12. However, it gave me the chance to make an unexpected trip to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in West Los Angeles.  The 405 South was moving pretty well , so I got to the Wolf in about 35 minutes. 

A small crowd was there and I was greeted by the owner. Usually I have a small stash with me but today I did not , so the humidor was beckoning.   Knowing I did not have a great deal of time , my choice was pretty clear. I opted for a Padron 3000 series , a mid price selection. I lit up the smoke, and it gave me instant pleasure. What is about a Padron smoke that never fails to please? Their reputation  is well documented and warranted .  I cannot remember ever having a mediocre cigar  from them. The quality control is impeccable , the tobacco is always first-rate.  Most cigar mavens continually rank the Padron family of cigars right up there with  any top flight Cuban.

I am also impressed you can buy such a well made and quality cigar without taking out a small loan. True, they do have cigars with a high price tag and I do have a couple of those in my humidor.   The point is you get great quality at lower prices too.

I never have bought a full box of Padron’s and there has been no reason for that. It seems very soon, I will make a purchase of their mid priced line and know it will be great. Kudo’s to all Padron’s at every price range.

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