Cigar News you can use: More misguided legislation

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This lack of understanding from the so-called leaders in Manchester N.H. is again another attempt to strangle cigar smokers. Yup, think about it, the problem is illegal drugs  not cigars, vapes or cigarettes.

Imagine this scenario. four  citizens of Manchester are sitting on a park bench smoking their favorite cigar. They are chatting , catching up on the latest news and socializing.

A squad car drives by and sees this horrible criminal action of cigar smoking. They radio back to HQ. ” Dispatch , we need SWAT out here right away. There are out of control cigar smokers lounging in the park. They appear to be men in their 50’s and 60’s with dangerous lighters and cigar cutters displayed.

Repeat this is an extreme emergency. Wait, one culprit is handing the other a weapon. I think it looks like a small box with more cigars in it. We can’t wait for SWAT any longer. We are going in, request backup immediately. ”

It has not come down to this yet but give it time. Cigar smokers will be considered hard-core criminals down the road.  By the way, I have been to Manchester N.H. many times in the past. Live Free or Die seems to be a thing of the past.

Keep smoking.


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