Cigar News you can use: NYC becomes the Big Loser

Thanks to Half Wheel for giving us the low down on the latest regressive law to hit the Big Apple.  As a native New Yorker  who grew up in the streets of The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens, you learn pretty quickly what works and what does not.
This meant you really did not need anyone to tell you how you should operate. If your reality was outside the group who hung with, the choices were clear.
Get out or if you stayed , learn the ropes very quickly. Most of the time it worked.
What has happened now is the so called smarter government officals   will tell you what is best for you. You are too stupid or ignorant to make decisions for yourself.
Not only that, we will punish you well beyond the normal parameters because you are so ignorant.
 We will raise the taxes , hurt local business and don’t care if people in that business can no longer survive. I recently visited New York and was impressed how good the city was doing and looking. It was an enjoyable trip. Part of that enjoyable event was going to the local Davidoff lounge in the Battery Park area.
The cigar I smoked was a very good, higher priced smoke but I could afford it. Add another level of tax to that cigar and next time I will bring my own cigar to the mix. Yup, this is the mindset of present day thinkers in government. Repeat  the mantra we know better than you and screw you .
Check out the details of the new way of thinking in the Half Wheel blog site.
Keep smoking 

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