Guest Cigar Review : Caldwell Cigars KC/Black

Cigar Review: Caldwell Cigars.

I welcome other cigar reviews as it is impossible to cover every cigar and brand that features a new release. I have had other Caldwell smokes with mixed feelings about them. Here is a positive take on one of their products.

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Location: This review was made outdoors on a foggy afternoon with 17°C.

Wrapper: Darker brown, oily and smooth with tiny veins.

Construction: Firm even feel.

Cold draw: Hay and some black pepper.

1st third: Round sweetness like caramel, with a touch of milk chocolate that’s just about to turn into dark chocolate. There is also a creamy cappuccino note. I’m getting a sting on the front of my tongue but nothing to uncomfortable at the moment.

2nd third: Starts to bring a sting in the form of black pepper maybe even some other types of pepper as well, a tingly sensation on the tongue for each draw I take. Taste wise it’s heavy, dark chocolate, heavy toasted oak, charcoal and dirt.

The burn: A little wonky, the ash is a little flaky but still stable. Also white in color.

Smoke: Creamy and voluminous, but sadly it brings some heat.

3rd third: The heavy notes just keeps on chugging trough.

Conclusion: Do you want a power house of a cigar, this full body, full straight this is a cigar for you. Guess this is a good match with a smokey whisky, because the flavors in this should go right trough the smoky whisky. Sadly this is not a cigar that matched with my palett but it was still interesting to try.

Result: In my book this is an 90 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André


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