Old and in the Way

Cigar Event: Coffee Bean on Wilshire Blvd.

Photo essay

This is was the spot we  smoked for years.  An outside area which was a parking lot away from the entrance of the store. Cars jammed up against us as we were forced to squeeze against the brick wall. It was often dirty, hot from car exhaust, and a fair amount of street people also made this their hangout.

Every so often we get kicked out from the parking lot as coffee freaks would complain to the managers that those horrible cigar smokers  bothered them with putrid smoke. In reality , we were nowhere near the coffee drinkers. We made it a point to be civil to all.  Most of the time we co existed but it eventually became too uncomfortable to smoke our cigars there.

Keep smoking





No regard for the law.
Conroy brothers civil disobedience

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