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Outstanding  cigar art 2017

The beauty and skill of designing cigar bands are an impression that can complement any cigar. The band ties the product together as an attractive calling card to interest you in the smoke.  Every cigar manufacturer strives to make their brand attractive to the eye. The cigar band is a visual that helps make that cigar stand out.

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Cigar Rings SRL: Outstanding Art Cigar Trophy 2017

Each year with its Cigar Trophy Awards, Cigar Journal honors the great knowledge, dedication and hard work of those working in the cigar industry. Deciding which cigars, accessories and lounges should be acclaimed the best of the year, however, does not fall to a jury, but to the most important actors in the branch, the consumers.

The award winners were determined in a two-stage process. During the nomination phase, the public selected possible candidates in the various categories. The resulting shortlist was then voted on. We are delighted about the continued strong growth of our readers’ interest in participating in this decision-making process.

Four categories of the 17th Cigar Trophy Awards were not voted on by the public: Charity & Community, Ambassador, Outstanding Art, as well as the Lifetime Achievement award, the distinction for life’s work.

Albert Montserrat Cigar Rings with the Cigar Trophy 2017


There’s hardly a passionado who hasn’t come across the products of Cigar Rings – although often without knowing it. The company, which has been involved in graphic design for more than 50 years, is managed by Albert Montserrat, son of the company founder, and is responsible for the production of cigar rings and box designs for numerous well-known industry greats.

The company maintains close contact with the cigar industry in its best equipped production facilities in Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic and in Estelí, Nicaragua. The firm’s unlimited focus on the realization of aesthetic demands on the labeling and packaging of cigars combined with the profound know-how of its employees makes Cigar Rings a worthy winner of the 2017 Outstanding Art Cigar Trophy.


Follow this link for more information about the 2017 Cigar Trophy Awards.


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