Cigar News: Am I wrong about this?

Cigar news and Commentary: This a short take and a question to my readers. There are certain cigar brands that I have tried and a

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Cigar News you can use: La Palina increases production

Cigar News: For La Palina fans and perhaps would be fans, La Palina is cranking up the  production of this highly sought out smoke. I

Cigar Events: Super Bowl Sunday Cigar Decisions

Cigar events: The last two Super Bowl Sundays I was fortunate enough to spend at The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in West Los Angeles with

Cigar News you can use: A model for business : Tobacco Business Magazine

Cigar News: Success is built in many ways. Here is a good story about how one business was able to make it in a changing

Lifestyle: I almost cut my ……..

Lifestyle: I have had a beard for years in various styles depending on mood and look. There have been many articles on why men grow

Cigar News you can use: Villiger Cigars makes another splash

VILLIGER CIGARS TO UNVEIL THE VILLIGER LA VENCEDORA The Villiger La Vencedora represents the first ever full-bodied Villiger Handmade Premium Cigar (Miami, Florida) January 24,

Lifestyle : Basketball, the game of 3 point shots.

Lifestyle: A couple of quick takes on round ball. 1. When 7 foot centers are taking 3 point shots , fail to rebound or box

Cigar News you can use: Lets face it . We enjoy cigars

Cigar news: Best Cigar prices asked a group of cigar bloggers ( including yours truly ) a great question. Why do you smoke cigars ?

Cigar News you can use: Villiger makes another splash

Date: January 24, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Liza M Santana/Gabriel Pineres 305.968.2384 /786.541.7411 VILLIGER CIGARS TO UNVEIL THE VILLIGER LA VENCEDORA

Cigar news: Your favorite cigar is?

Cigar news: I was asked recently from a newish cigar smoker what my favorite cigar is. This is a very legitimate question as so many

Cigar Reviews: time to buy a new stash

Cigar Reviews: Top of the 2017 for the 2018 crowd It’s a new year old there, you spent countless hours reading reviews of the best

Cigar Reviews: Buy a batch

Cigar Reviews: Wanted to present this list again as several more followers requested what cigars were well positioned in 2017 My 2017 favorite blends have

Cigar Events:

Cigar Events: Today was able to hobble to my backyard, hang with friend and smoke an AVO Ritmo, toro. This made my 2017 hit list.

Cigar Lifestyle: Need a gimmick?

Cigar Lifestyle: Gimmicks seem to be an important part of cigar marketing. I read a fair amount of industry newsletters, blogs and many cigar catalogue

Lifestyle: For now this is me

Lifestyle: Coping on a daily basis, reminding myself, it’s going to get better. Keep smoking

Music / Lifestyle: Brothers in Arms

Music/Lifestyle: I have recently read some blogs about the Allman Brothers and their experiences with the band. A memorable encounters for me for with the

Lifestyle: Snow Job

Lifestyle: Prepare for the worst I was a new resident of the Boston area in early 1978, having recently moved from the Cortland NY area.

Lifestyle: Pets of Influence

Events: Here are several photos of my pets that I have shared my life with. Not the complete team but all have given me love.

Cigar Lifestyle: the good, the bad and the ?

Cigar events: It’s old news already that I suffered an injury and will be on the shelf for several months. The recovery will be work

Cigar event: about time

Cigar event: First post op cigar, La Palina. Able to get out in my backyard, enjoying 75 Los Angeles degrees. Leg is sore but can

Cigar Events: Another challenging day

Cigar Events: It’s been two weeks today since my knee injury and have come up with some thoughts. 1. Since this was my first serious

Lifestyle: What am I missing?

Events: For most of my life I lived on the east coast. We all knew starting around November , the snow was going to come,

Cigar events: On injured reserve

  Lifestyles : Staying healthy Perhaps I have been fortunate , lucky , healthy or a combination of all, but the first serious injury of  my

Cigar News you can use: Ratings galore/Guest review, cigar guide

Cigar news: I have been out of commission almost a week from a knee injury. Surgery was scheduled today but as the world turns, the