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  • Why do the biggest guys in the gym , leave their weight plates on the bar and walk away without racking them up ?
  • Why do  cardio buffs sweat all over the treadmills and other machines and not wipe down the after their workout?
  • Why do group X people take 3 or 4 towels , and leave them in the fitness studio without putting them in the dirty towel basket?
  • Why do weight room users not let you work in a set while they are looking at themselves in the mirror?
  • Why do gym users complain about what is being viewed on the TV’s or what music is being played ?
  • Why cannot anyone complete a workout without looking at their cellphone and texting?
  • Why do folks who use the cardio equipment stay on during prime time usage and decide that is the best time to train for a marathon?
  • Why despite signs No cell phone talking, gym members  insist on making business calls so everyone else can listen to their conversation?
  • Why do Group X participants set up a  spot on the floor as if it was exclusive domain?
  • Why do you find 5 people changing next to each other in the locker room when the rest of the space is empty?
  • Why do people take the last towel before your shower or does the hot water vanish as you get in the shower ?
  • Why does one gym member bring in 5 friends who are not gym members and try to get free passes for  all of them?
  • Why do weight room dudes insist on grunting and slamming down the weights as hard and often as they can?
  • Why do members who join clubs believe their dues entitles them to do anything  they want ?
  • Why does one member insist to stay beyond the posted closing time or else expect special consideration to open up early just for them?
  • Why do lap swimmers hog up one lane while others are waiting for their turn?
  • Why do members wear dirty, smelly clothing or heavy perfume ?
  • Why do group X members think it is ok to talk while they are leaving the class and block the entrance so the next class cannot start on time?
  • If you can think of any other why questions let me know.

Keep working out and keep smoking

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