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Not sure if I should be embarrassed about this or not , but to me, it was amusing.

Last night my wife and I were going to a concert at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus.  This was a very unique tandem of film composers conducting works that featured the talents of poster artist Drew Struzan. His name may not be familiar to you but his work is. Think of the classic movie posters of Indiana Jones , Star Wars, ET, Back to the Future, Harry Potter and countless more. Drew Struzan created all these posters. Robert Townson, movie score historian and producer has said this about Drew’s art. ” It is almost impossible to comprehend how prolific and what a big part of the movies Drew has been. “


Getting anywhere in Los Angeles is difficult but heading west to east during rush hour is barely manageable. It can take over an hour to travel to travel 5 miles. As this was a work related event for my wife, we had a car service pick us up at our abode  to make the show without damaging our sensibilities and psyche. The show started at 8 pm, so we left our house around 630 pm, thinking 1.5 hours would be ample time.

The car service arrived promptly and we headed east on Sunset Blvd. toward UCLA. Shockingly enough there was no traffic on Sunset and we had time to kill. My wife was hungry and while there was a reception after the show, that would not happen until 1030 pm or later.  Sitting in a concert hall thinking about food would distract from the performance.  A quick internet search came up with a Chick-fil-A restaurant near the campus.

We made a quick detour from the route and arrived in our limo in front of the eatery and got out in front of a large line of people waiting for a bus.  The crowd of bystanders looked at us wondering who the hell we were as we entered the Chick-fil-A and ordered our sandwiches.  This was the first time I ever ate one of their creations and it was pretty good.

I’m thinking this could only happen in LA, getting a chicken sandwich in a limo driven car. The driver stood by the car while we dined inside and polished off the food. The whole transaction lasted about 15 minutes  and off we went to the concert.

Mind you , I did not own a car until I was 31 and the idea of a chauffeur  driving me to pick up a fast food sandwich would never have ever entered my world.

I guess the unexpected does happen even in  a small-scale.


Keep smoking.      


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