Life Style events: across the universe

Lifestyle events: Making the trek

December 26, 1956. The day I moved from West 84 street in Manhattan to Nelson avenue in the Bronx. Christmas day it rained, the furniture was gone  and I was sick, with temperature, cold, the whole works. I was also afraid about moving to a new world. The Bronx was far away and all that I knew was going to change.

We lived on the first floor in a five-story walk up, no elevator in a very marginal neighborhood. My parents never let me outside alone, not that they should have. Fast moving cars, lots of noise and people crowding the narrow sidewalk.  We lived between Amsterdam  and Broadway, in  the corner apartment house.

The apartment on West 84 street was empty, we took a cab that traveled on the old West Side highway to the Bronx. I was wrapped in an army blanket as the cab transversed the road, going north. It was the beginning of living in the “country ”

Unknown.jpeg 201 W. 84 Street, 61 years later

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