Lifestyle : Basketball, the game of 3 point shots.


A couple of quick takes on round ball.

1. When 7 foot centers are taking 3 point shots , fail to rebound or box out, something is wrong

2. When every player complains after every foul called on them,something is wrong.

3. When refs need instant replay to make an important call, something is wrong.

4. When have you seen a 3 second violation called more than once a game? Yea, me neither.

5. Why are announcers the stars of the game now? How about less talk about themselves and more focus on the game.

6. What happened to players playing defense or actually knowing how to defend against a pick and roll?

7. Why are the same coaches always hired after they are fired from another team? Are they better coaches after the third or fourth team they coached?

8. How many different uniforms can a team have?

9. Ticket prices are so high, I have not gone to a game in years but I still watch on TV. Why is that?

10. Bring back Red Auerbach and his victory cigar.

Keep smoking

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