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I was reading a tread on Facebook concerning  whether cigar reviews are legit.  We all have opinions about the cigars we smoke. If you try to find something you like, it is smart to read several reviews on the same product.

There are many factors to consider when you read a review. Here are several to think about. 

  1. Are we talking about the same cigar? The brand may be the same but is it the same vintage? Tobacco changes as it ages or from a different farm  as we all know.
  2. Is the reviewer drinking with the cigar? Taste buds change if we drink alcohol or other beverages with the cigar.
  3. What time of day was the cigar smoked? Again taste buds change throughout the day.
  4. How long has the cigar been sitting in the humidor? Older cigars may have a different flavor profile as it ages.
  5. Does the reviewer state where they got the cigar? If it was a free smoke that a dealer or manufacture gave them, that should be stated.
  6. Descriptive language is great but the reviewer should try to make the review as simple as possible.
  7. Years ago, I worked for a wine store in the Boston area. I needed to learn what the flavor profile in wines was about. That education took months with weekly wine tastings and  other participants helping me learn the lingo.
  8. I write my reviews based on information that was given to me. However, after writing my review and before publishing it, I do research to make sure the information is correct. After I publish the review, I will read other reviews from other cigar reviewers and see what they said.  Most of the time but not all, the reviews are pretty close.
  9. If my review is a great deal different from other reviewers I might smoke the cigar again to see what I missed or did not get. If I am still off , then I know my review was totally off and my subjective opinion was wrong.

Hope this helps and lets hear your thoughts about cigar reviews.

Keep smoking

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