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In a nutshell. My day started bringing Mandi to the vet for doggy shots and then took her for a walk. After dropping her off, drove to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge to meet a friend and smoke a cigar. 

Met a new smoking buddy there who was a former boxer and major league ball player.

All good right? Things started to unravel soon after. I needed to get some items in a local food market where I often shop. Not a chain but a well established small grocery store with quality items and quality staff.  

Still uneventful , put the bags in my car and took for home listening to the Grateful Dead on XM radio About half way home I searched in my pocket and realized my wallet was not there. Immediate panic set in and I pulled over and stopped the car to see if I misplaced it. 

After a search of the car, I found nothing and then called the market to see if I left it there even though I did not think so. Might have been 15 minutes later, stopped in the exact spot I left the car previously , looked around and found nothing and went into the store to see if the wallet showed up. Naturally enough they didn’t have it.

Went back into the parking lot, kept searching the car and the area but no luck. Even recruited several other people to help me look. I was not in a very good mood.

Eventually called my wife, went back home to start cancelling my credit cards and try to remember exactly what else was in the wallet. Searched another time still in the car but still nothing was found.

I got on the line to make the first call but was put on hold for a long wait.  Waited for about 30 minutes but as I was still on hold, the front door bell rang and I knew someone found my wallet. 

In fact, a gentleman Jose found the wallet , drove up to return it to me. He worked for a carrier company and said he found it in the lot and decided after work to drop it off. 

Overjoyed with this news, I tipped Jose and praised his honesty.  Think good thoughts and perhaps the response will be of equal value.  As the Boy Scouts slogan says, ” Do a good turn daily.”

Keep smoking

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