Cigar news you can use: It’s the FDA again

Cigar news: As a consumer group cigar smokers need to let the FDA know, our national representatives know and our local politicians know where we

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Cigar events: Cuban mystique

Cigar events: Make your own pleasure. Keep smoking    

Health/lifestyle/news: Knowledge is power

Share with facebook Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share using email Print Health/Lifestyle: As a fitness trainer, I come across so many different ideas,

Cigar news you can use: Press Release Ventura Cigars

Cigar news: Great opportunity to hang with your cigar brothers and sisters. Keep smoking   For immediate release: CONTACT Rachel McKnett Kretek International  

Cigar news you can use: Everyday folks cigar hits/choices

Cigar news: These are recommendations from users on Reddit in various categories of cigar usage. Good ideas from the masses. I was asked by several

Cigar news you can use: Moving on up

Cigar news: Top of the line humidor maven Daniel Marshall is giving you a chance to upgrade your humidor. Here are the details on how

Cigar events: Memorial day

Cigar events: Neighborhood Turtles cooling their flippers on a LA day. Keep smoking    

Cigar news you can use: J.C. Newman stands tall against the FDA

Cigar news: The long-established American cigar icon company J.C. Newman is taking a stand against the heavy hands of the FDA. Let the FDA know

Cigar review : Villiger San’ Duro Maduro

        E o jeitinho Brasilerio The above perfectly sums up the San’Doro Maduro – it’s the Brazilian way. Handmade in Bahia, Brazil,

Cigar news you can use: My social engagements on Twitter

Cigar news: Just signed up for this metric. Gives me a better understanding of my twitter followers and how I am doing reaching out to

Cigar events: A tale of cigars and cats

    Cigar events: Los Angeles can be pretty quiet during the holidays. Seems that traffic disappears, people leave town and it’s actually pleasant to

Cigar news you can use: Go to the happening

Cigar news: If you are in the neighborhood, pay a visit and have a fine cigar time. Keep smoking Ventura Launches Limited-Edition Cigar For New

Cigar events: Spending too much time with smokes?

Cigar events: Friday at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge to start the Memorial weekend. Hats off to all those served. Keep smoking

Cigar news/sports you can use: From another blog site/ Boston Red Sox news

Cigar news/lifestyle: This is surprising but I have thought about this myself. Hanley was not hitting, could not get around the fast ball consistently and

Cigar news you can use: Cigar Advisor lets us know

Cigar news you can use: Not typical blend types that we expect from the manufacturers. Contrary is good. Keep smoking 2018 CA Report: Breaking Brand

Lifestyle: Lost in the ozone, Crony found

Lifestyle: I am still in close contact with a high school chum who graduated one year ahead of me in 1968. He has lived in

Cigar news you can use: The shape of things to come

Cigar news: For experienced and novice smokers alike. Good reference photo of the basic cigar lengths and ring sizes. Keep smoking

Cigar events: G-L-O-R-I-A

Cigar Events: Here is a fan favorite from the 1990’s , still going strong. Reasonable price point and medium to full in taste. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: If you are with us

Cigar news: Let’s be direct. If you are a cigar smoker , a friend of a cigar smoker or just don’t want the FDA pushing

Cigar events: Cigars have their own mind

Cigar events: This afternoon I visited a cigar friend of mine to grab some chat time and smoke. He has a great backyard in Santa

Cigar News you can use: Thanks to England and good times

Cigar news: Let the Prince and the Princess have their party . We have cigars, scotch and good times. For those who have the coin,

Cigar news you can use: Show me your Diesel/press release

Cigar news:   Here is the latest cigar beauty from Diesel  and General Cigar. Diesel has a loyal following and now might be your turn

Cigar reviews: Blues on the review

Cigar reviews: Several of my esteemed cigar mavens took exception to my review of the Buenaventura BV 654. They thought it was a good smoke

Cigar reviews: Ignorance is not always bliss

Cigar review: Buenaventura/BV 660     I knew nothing about this cigar. It was gifted to me by the eminent movie composer George Clinton who

Cigar events: I got the music and cigars in me

Cigar events:   Saturday night with famed movie composer George Clinton and friends. Cigars, music and bar b que. Hot time in the city. Keep

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