Lifestyle: Pets rule but they sure are expensive

Lifestyle: Furry family

Miss Ruthie







I have two wonderful cats and a loving small dog. They give me so much pleasure, fun and love, it would never occur to me, not to do anything for them.

This past Saturday we needed to have our cat, Miss Ruthie go to the vet for a much-needed dental appointment.  Miss Ruthie is approaching 12 years old  and never had any prior dental work done. 

She needed blood work, and several other tests taken care of before the dental exam. The cost was over $300 for that. 

The actual dental work came out to about $800 which included, a tooth extraction, x-rays, anesthesia, vet. time and the list goes on.  There was never any question about doing the exam and surgery . We always will pay for what it costs to take care of our furry family. 

What did strike me though is , how do people pay for animal care who have little or no money to pay for these services? I am aware there are low-cost clinics but they are often booked or not available for emergencies. Through the years our other pets have had major issues and thousands of dollars were spent.  

I saw a women with a sick dog plunk down $2300 for the care of her pet on a credit card. She told me this maxed out her card but would do anything for her pet.

There are many people who live with pets who simply cannot afford the care they need. 

I wonder if adoption agencies inform potential owners about how expensive it is for the care , maintenance of a pet through the years?  

Our dog is a rescue , the cats became part of our family through other means.  We never received any guidance from the rescue places about financial considerations.

 Are there ways to get low-cost loans or grants for animal care? Really not sure. 

I do know you can get credit cards for pet care with low-interest rates but you still need to pay them off. 

Just wondering about this and has any other pet lover thought about this too?

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