Cigar news you can use: General Cigar takes the offensive/new cigar releases

Cigar news :  One of the giants of the cigar world , General Cigar has created several new blends that were revealed at the 2018

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Cigar events: Cigar in black

Cigar events: A very good stand by cigar. Smoked my first Partegas in the eighties and now once again appreciating a cigar that works for

Cigar events: Don’t try too hard

Cigar events: Summer is half over. Keep smoking    

Cigar events: Yes we can

Cigar events: Summer is half over. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Dogs rule

Cigar events: Humid in Santa Monica and we know who the boss is. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Good to know

Cigar news: Backing away from all the news coming from the convention, I dug this article up geared to the seasoned cigar smoker or just

Cigar news you can use: A milestone of sorts

Cigar news: One hundred  followers on my web page and I need to say THANKS.   My Face book page has topped out at 5000.

Cigar news you can use: The reports are flying out

Cigar news:   I am receiving so many press releases from the IPCPR  2018 convention that it makes no sense to keep reporting on them here. 

Cigar events: New Panama hat

Cigar events: Got my new chapeau in Santa Monica today from a hat store that  has been peddling their wares for 20 years. Fedora Promo

Cigar news/Lifestyle: Going down the road

Cigar news/lifestyle: Need to recharge your batteries? Want to get out-of-town? Need an excuse to hang with the boys and smoke cigars? Here are some

Cigar events: Just consider.

Cigar events: Sir Mick Jagger tells it all. Keep smoking    

Cigar events: Explain to me

Cigar events: Every day is novel. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Press release La Gloria Cubana new product

Cigar news; The press releases are coming hot and heavy and not able to keep up. So will post them as I can. Some companies

Cigar events: This is not a car

Cigar events: Try to stay calm. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use: Coffee and cigars are good for you

Cigar news: If you a cigar person, most likely you are a coffee person. Here is the reason why coffee should be in your daily

Cigar events: Lone Wolf Lounge, Thursday Nirvana/Macanudo day

Cigar events: Sometimes it just is. Keep smoking  

Cigar news you can use: Press release/ Chinnock Cellars new product

Cigar news:  I tried one of their cigars several years ago at the now defunct Crush and Roll West event and thought it was a

Lifestyle: Love your feet, fashion statement

Lifestyle: Fashion statement After my knee/leg injury this past winter, a pair of  shoes would not fit as my right foot was very swollen. I

Cigar news you can use: Press release, more stuff from IPCPR 2018

Cigar news: Almost impossbile to keep up with the new products. Will keep you posted as soon as I find out stuff. Keep smoking ARANGO

Cigar news you can use: Offical press release from Villiger Cigars, Villiger LA Vencedora, 6 x 60

Cigar news: Another chance for you to try a new Villiger product.   Keep smoking   VILLIGER CIGARS TO SHOWCASE THE VILLGER LA VENCEDORA IN

Cigar news you can use: Villiger Cigars press release, It’s getting bigger all the time

Cigar news: I have tried several of the new Villiger cigars and reviewed them with very positive thoughts. Here is another new cigar which is

Cigar news you can use: Rocky keeps rolling

Cigar news: With the Rocky Patel brand you cannot keep up. Another new product from the minds of Rocky. Keep smoking ROCKY PATEL PRESENTING ALR:

Cigar Lifestyle: Retro posters and prices

Cigar Lifestyle: I truly enjoy cigar art and the look that it created.  The old school stuff is  impressive. Like the old prices too.  Keep

Cigar news you can use: Good buy department

Cigar news: If I see a good deal on cigars for my followers, I will report it. This is a deal on select product from

Cigar events: Sunday Los Angeles

Cigar events: The cream rises. Keep smoking

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