Cigar news you can use: Press release , smooth with a kick

Cigar news:  As we get closer to the IPCPR convention, more releases are announced. Keep smoking   A Connecticut H. Upmann With Some Strength A

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Music/Lifestyle: Spill The Wine

Music/Lifestyle: Listening to XM radio today and heard this super classic song and here it is. Keep smoking    

Cigar event: Beep for snow

Cigar events: Too hot, beg for snow Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge, West Los Angeles Keep smoking

Music/lifestyle: Dead and Company ,set list, Keep on Trucking boys

Music/lifestyle:  They will be in LA tonight. Not going , do not like concerts in Dodger Stadium and it’s a royal butt pain getting there

Cigar events: Hot time in The city of Angels

Cigar events: Been living in Los Angeles over 20 years and this is the hotest day on record. Keeping cool at the Lone Wolf Cigar

Cigar news you can use: The Punch test. Press release from Punch and General Cigars

Cigar news:  You got to love it. Punch cigars goes to another level to satisfy cigar tastes everywhere. Keep smoking  

Cigar lifestyle: Santa Monica , Ca.

Cigar lifestyle: Good living with no effort. Keep smoking      

Cigar Lifestyle: Summer day in Santa Monica, CA.

Cigar lifestyle : Tomorrow over 100 in the valley, by the ocean 75-80. No smoking allowed on beach or dogs either. Keep smoking

Cigar news you can use, photo OP

Cigar news: New cigar line photo release, Island Club Keep smoking  

Cigar news you can use: Another brand for the cigar world/press release.

Cigar news: They keep on coming , Cornelius & Anthony giving the world more choices Keep smoking CORNELIUS & ANTHONY INTRODUCING THE GENT & MISTRESS

Cigar news you can use: Hope you are always right, press release, Ohana cigars

Cigar news: Catchy name for a brand of cigars.  Not familar with the company though.  Keep smoking CIGAR NEWS: FAMILIA RODRIGUEZ TOBACOS (OHANA CIGARS) ANNOUNCES

Cigar events: Happy Fourth

Cigar events: At the abode with my Red Sox gear and cat dad apron. Be good to the world. Keep Smoking

Cigar news you can use: Fake news and fake Cuban cigars

Cigar news: For Cuban cigar lovers,this is a great guide and overview on how to determine what is a real Cuban cigar and what is

Cigar news you can use: Villiger Cigars promotes new national sales manager from within, press release

Cigar news: As Villiger cigars is making a concerted effort to establish a beachfront in the United States, Hector J. Pires joins their team in a new

Cigar news you can use: Cool lifestyle, new cigar releases, Press Release

Cigar news: Another new release gearing up for the IPCPR convention.  Keep smoking   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   ISLAND LIFESTYLE RELEASES “ISLAND CLUB” CIGARS AT

Cigar news you can use: Cool with fire/Press Release Island Lifestyle Importers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   NEW TOMMY BAHAMA LIGHTERS PREMIER AT IPCPR   Island Lifestyle Importers is introducing two new Tommy Bahama lighters at this year’s

Cigar news you can use: Press release Ventura cigars still going full guns

Cigar news:   Ventura cigars bringing out the new products for the IPCPR convention. Looks good from my viewpoint. Keep smoking   For immediate release:

Fitness/Sports lifestyle: Every 4 years

Lifestyle:   It would be difficult for me to name 5 world-class soccer players. Years ago I would probably know but not even sure of

Cigar review: La Palina Bronze TAA Exclusive

Cigar review: La Palina Bronze TAA Exclusive         I try to write at least one cigar review a week and was deciding

Lifestyle: Restaurant review by Merv Hecht

Lifestyle: Contributing writer, restaurant critic, Merv Hecht tells it like it is with his decided view on food. Reviews will be a regular feature on

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