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IMG_4007.jpgI truly believe you get a real sense of a city if you spend several hours in a cigar lounge. Cigar folks are no-nonsense , they tell you what they think. If something is good or bad, you will get an honest opinion. Most of the time they will respect you if you don’t quite see eye to eye in what they are saying.

Whenever I travel, cigar lounges are always on my agenda. Sometimes I cannot fit the cigar lounge in my schedule but fortunately in my first trip to Nashville, I found a great place to smoke and drink.

Primings Cigar Lounge and Bar is situated in downtown Nashville, very easy to get to. I walked the three blocks to the lounge from the hotel I was staying. The outside of the building is a red brick, solid-looking structure. It’s in a changing industrial, commercial area with new buildings popping up on every street corner. Martin’s Bar B Que  is very close by which is a top attraction for those who like this style of food.

On my first visit to Priming’s on Friday , I arrived just as it opened so actually  was the only patron in the lounge. The affable Wesley Tresch greeted me at the bar as I explained that my plan was to feature Priming’s Cigar Lounge and Bar on 

Wesley gave me the history of the lounge and answered my questions. I am more of a cigar guy than alcohol guy but  was very impressed with their vast inventory of beverages and hand crafted drinks.  

The cigar humidor had a very good selection of well-known brands with boutique cigars also making an impressive show. Prices were fair and in some instances bargains in my opinion. I chose Las Calaveras as I never had this brand before and would describe the blend as a medium tasting, smooth and with a nutty/chocolate flavor. It was a good pick as I did not want a cigar that would be overpowering so early in the day.


IMG_3983.jpgWesley and I chatted some more as another patron came in and ordered a Bourbon Old Fashioned. The gentleman spoke very highly of Priming’s , as he indicated they mixed a good drink and carried a nice line of cigars.

Unfortunately I needed to take off , so I said adieu to Wesley and ventured on to the rest of my day.

As schedules are never an exact thing, I managed another visit the next day and more people were in the lounge. Several parties were in town for the Vanderbilt, Florida football game. Another group was doing a photo shoot for a singer and his cool looking guitar. 

I smoked this time a local favorite called Principle Cigars. It was also new to me as it is not widely available. I need to try to review the cigar and contact the owner as it was a mild tasting, complex flavored winner. It needs to be tried again without any rush. 


IMG_4008.jpgWesley was at the helm again but did not recognize him at first. He had a spiffy hat on and that threw me at first.  My stay again was a bit short, but still enjoyed the lounge and it’s ambiance. 

Priming Cigar Lounge and Bar is a must visit place for cigar and alcohol beverage  fans alike. The folks at Primings  have developed a good-looking lounge with plenty of space to chill if you so desire or hang at the bar, 

The cigars selection is well thought out and provides a good array of product.  If you are downtown for an event, business or just want a place to go, check out Primings Cigar Lounge and Bar. 

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