Cigar Events: Best cigars of 2018?

Cigar events: As we all know this is the month that cigar bloggers, magazines, just about everyone in the world who ever smoked a cigar will tout their favorite smokes. I am no different as my list was published on this blog a week or so ago.

As it turned out it was a pretty equal representation of large cigar companies and boutique blends. It was not designed that way but for this year anyway, that is how it worked out.

I enjoy reading as many best of lists from all the cigar sources that I am aware of. Some lists are much more comprehensive that mine as they have better access to more cigars or a team of testers compare their notes.

Their viewpoints are helpful to a small operation like myself as it gives me insight to products I have missed. It is also interesting as I may have smoked the same cigar as the other reviewers but their viewpoint is different than mine. When I see this I do go back to my own review and wonder if I missed something they have tasted or viewed.

More often than not , my reviews are pretty similar to what other folks have stated. If for example, 5 people review the same cigar and my opinion is nowhere near their review, I usually believe I was off target. However, as I always state the review is my subjective opinion.

So please keep reading my cigar reviews and thoughts, let me know what you think too.

Keep smoking

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