Cigar Lifestlye: No one is wrong




Cigar Lifestyle: Couple of thoughts

This topic comes up on occasion so it’s worth exploring again. My day job is as some of you know  a Fitness Director for a large country club in the Los Angeles area. I have held this post for over 10 years and have been in field since the 70’s.

Fitness has been an integral part of my life since I was a kid, have vast professional  experience, and been educating myself  continually by engaging in workshops, classes and other hands on activities. 

As we also know, I enjoy my cigars , write about them, talk about the lifestyle that is part of the social atmosphere of a cigar maven. 

This past Friday I hosted a cigar and scotch event at my place of work and the members truly enjoyed the comradely  , beverages and of course the cigars.  The entourage included two physicians who are regular cigar smokers. 

The reason for this event was to have an enjoyable evening with people who like  scotch and cigars.  Both products as we all are aware do have a downside to them.

However as responsible adults, we make decisions understanding the health risks that might be associated with products that are regulated. 

I was asked how could I support an event with products that are not in the best interest of your health?

Without looking at statistics that ” prove ” cigars and scotch are not the best avenues of a healthy lifestyle, we decide the benefits or not and do accordingly. 

My 3 to 4 cigars a week give me the sit down, relaxation part of a day that I cherish. I like the idea to talk to friends during the cigar interlude, catch up with them or meet new people who share this collective experience.

There are also times where I just sit back in my backyard myself or with Mandi the dog , look at the birds that fly by or stare in space. Every cigar I smoke is a treat and I plan to continue this experience without any guilt attached.

Keep smoking


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