Cigar Lifestlye: No one is wrong

      Cigar Lifestyle: Couple of thoughts This topic comes up on occasion so it’s worth exploring again. My day job is as some

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Cigar events: Sitting on top of the world

Cigar events: The cigar often makes the conversation. Keep smoking

Cigar News/Lifestyle: The Reel Deal

Cigar News/Lifestyle:  The Urban Fishing Pole Cigars has a natural partner with our friends who actually fish. Here is a great site and information for

Cigar news you can use: Time on their hands

Cigar news: For those who want to smoke and like long ashes, here we go. Keep smoking Procigar Festival hosts round of Cigar Smoking World

Cigar news you can use: An honest man?

Cigar news: This was meant to be posted in October, 2017 but appreciate the thoughts.   ” As a cigar and lifestyle blogger,  the site

Cigar Events: Crafted smoke for today

Cigar Events: Still working on my rehab with progress coming in small pieces. Patience is the key as serious injuries take time. However, two friends

Cigar News you can use: Lets face it . We enjoy cigars

Cigar news: Best Cigar prices asked a group of cigar bloggers ( including yours truly ) a great question. Why do you smoke cigars ?

A Question of Balance?

Cigar Commentary, Cigar Talk First off happy Fourth of July and enjoy the festivities. For me , I need to eventually get to work. Here