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Daily cigar smokers can qualify for standard, non-tobacco life insurance rates – often 70% savings




Cigar news: It’s not something we think about most of the time, ( at least I don’t) but eventually you may feel like you need a life insurance policy. 

Now there are probably 5 thousand different types of policies out there, so how do you weed through all of them?

If you are also a cigar smoker , the price of a policy might become very prohibitive so you just put off buying one. As we know , insurance companies don’t like paying out any benefits especially if you have an issue or do something they think would put your health in jeopardy. 

Here is where my new business partner comes in. Cigar Life Guy will give you his best shot to get a reasonably priced policy. If this sounds like something that you might consider , click on the banner on my site and check out the details.

As for me, every time I get a lead , it’s $15 in my pocket. It’s not going to make me rich but will help pay for the webpage and it’s operation. Hope that’s ok with you .

Keep smoking

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